Colin Adair

Colin is one of the hardest working and most accomplished snowboard photographers that Canada has ever produced. His photos have landed on the cover of pretty much every major snowboard magazine around the planet and he has shot advertising for brands such as DC Shoe Co. USA, Red Bull, Burton, The North Face, Monster Energy, and big deal companies like that.

Aside from a striking resemblence to the "Just for Men" guy, Adair's one swell individual. His personality combined with his work ethic has kept him at the top of his game and constantly in demand. Now the lead photographer for the famed DC snowboarding team, he splits his time working/traveling with the crew and editing his work at his home base in Vancouver.

In one interview, when asked ahout his first gig, Adair promptly responded "My first gig was shooting photos for the local prostitutes for their profile pages on the brothel website. I experimented a lot with different lighting techniques and styles. This is where I perfected my chiaroscuro-style lighting that I am now known for." A natural sense of humor probably adds to his likeability.

To check out some of Colin's phenomenal shots, peep his blog and find out more about him, visit

Colin uses Sproutt to manage galleries, sell prints online, run his blog and send newsletters via it's email marketing feature.


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