Offering bi-annual shows each year in Vancouver, KNOW?SHOW is Canada's ultimate sales and networking tool catering to hand-picked action sports and fashion industries.

Founded by Ben Couves, Nick Brown and Perry Pugh, KNOW?SHOW first opened it's doors in 2006. Industry veterans themselves, the crew knew what they liked and didn't like about the various shows they'd visited in the past. Mimicking what they did like and adding their own twists, they introduced Canada to it's first open format tradeshow with a focus on a specific demographic.

With over 200 industry leaders, great locale, open booth concepts, a clean layout, central lounge with bar, live installations by featured artists, on-site entertainment and loads more at each show, KNOW?SHOW is certainly doing it's part to avoid the typical "shoebox" stigma.

Check out to learn more about this one-of-a-kind tradeshow.

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